Vicky Ngamsha (Founder/CEO)

Vicky (Victorine) Ngamsha is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rosa Verla Foundation and Community Interest Company (CIC). She Founded this organization whose objectives is primarily charitable in honour of her late mum Mrs. Rosa Verla. The Foundation is thus named in honour of her mum whose hardships and struggles this foundation seeks to address and correct in the same community and beyond where these acts of inhumanity took place. Vicky Ngamsha is also a musician/singer, business lady, an activist, motivational speaker and trainer based in the UK. She is a role model, an Award winner and achiever. She is as well a passionate and unstoppable woman capable of changing lives of negative minded individuals to become more positive and work towards achieving their dreams. Vicky draws upon her life experiences to help people to overcome challenges and become free of limiting beliefs. Her experiences include childhood growing up in Africa, funding her education and spending 11 years as a Roman Catholic Nun before resigning to follow other pursuits. This was followed by her relocation to the United Kingdom in 2001 and the challenges and successes this has brought. Listening to her life stories will leave you inspired and uplifted. At times you may even have a tear in your eye, but this has not stopped Vicky Ngamsha from being extremely positive and determined to motivate others to have faith, patience and hope. Her passion is to help people to realise their opportunities and achieve their goals. She is a gifted, multilingual communicator as well. Through her tireless efforts Rosa Verla Foundation has opened up two libraries, help a number of poor and mentally unstable people as well as completely a number of other projects it its relatively short history. “Touching the hearts of those demotivated to inspire them with practical and personal examples of a true life story”


Alan Mathieson (Director)

ALAN MATHIESON is one of the Directors of Rosa Verla Foundation and Community Interest Company (CIC) in the United Kingdom. He is currently one of the male backbones of the Foundation and seriously supports the objectives of Rosa Verla Foundation.


Wirba Fadimatu (Director)

Wirba Fadimatu is one of the Directors of Rosa Verla Foundation and Community Interest Company (CIC). She is a dynamic self-employed Birmingham based Cameroonian born member of the UK Head Office of the Rosa Verla. Miss Fadimatu studied Biochemistry at the Université de yaoundé 1. She also studied at the Siantou Superieur Yaounde, Cameroon. She later worked for Orange Cameroun SA and Actel Cameroon. Together with the Founder and CEO or Rosa Verla CIC, she is also involved in all Rosa Verla activities in the UK including fund raising for Rosa Verla Charity projects. .