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A fight against poverty & improving the standards of education in the community Is a voluntary organisation of educationalists, IT professionals, medical practitioners of Cameroonian origin, living and/or working in the United Kingdom.

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  • Donate to the Charity Shop
  • Let Make a difference in someone life
  • Any donations you make will be greatly appreciated
  • Let Make a difference
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Help & support

  • Together we can change many lives
  • Join Wommen to fight against proverty
  • Help mother to make her children happy
  • international student aids

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our Cause

  • Mental Health
  • Women Emporement
  • Girls Sexaul Awerness
  • rosa verla libriaries
  • one 2 one coaching & mentoring
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Our Latest News

Rosa Verla Foundraising

We fight together

We are humans
End Mental Health

End Mental heath


Rosa Verla Foundation

Rosa Verla Women Groups


Rosa Verla Women Empowerment group is centred around bringing women together in the community these women groups work

  1. Kikaikelaki waiyngolum
  2. Kikaikelaki Tsenla
  3. K4 central
  4. Kai Takui
  5. Kshiy Kiyan
Rosa Verla Mental Health Projects


Rosa Verla alsa fight again Mental Health essue, and educate people how to cope with the hillness.

Rosa Verla Kumboli Library


Kumbo, also known as Kimbo, is the second-largest city in the North West Province of Cameroon. Rosa Verla has build two libraries:

  1. Kikaikelaki
  2. Kumbo Library