Rosa Verla C.I.C is an active company incorporated on May 1, 2016 with the registered office in West Midlands, United Kingdom. The name Rosa Verla is that of my late and beloved mother. Therefore this company was named after her to honour her for her love and struggles.

ROSA VERLA came from a polygamous family in Dui Marem precisely at Kikaikom in Kumbo Bui Division North West Region of Cameroon. Mama Rosa Verla was the only daughter of her mother though had so many stepbrothers and sisters since her father had six wives. At her teenage age she was taken back to her maternal grandparents in Takuy Marem as Nso’ tradition at the time demanded; that the first female child be given to the maternal grandparents who make the choice of her husband.

Coming from a polygamous home, Mama Rosa Verla was not happy with the fact that when she arrived at her maternal grand fathers’ house, he made a choice of her husband in a neighbouring village of Meluf and Mama was given to a man old enough to be her dad as the 6th wife. She decided to escape from the old man’s house and took refuge in the South West Region of Cameroon. She denounced her family and since it was a taboo to refuse the chosen husband in our land, she decided to stay in the south away for a couple of years. When she came back to Nso, she meets with a handsome man and they both fell in love and decided to get married.

She was a poor woman who suffered from asthma all her life. Rosa Verla had lost 6 of her children due to malnutrition. When her last daughter Gisela Bidzemo died, she was accused of giving her child to witchcraft in exchange for locust. She was marginalized and in an attempt to bury her alive during a funeral celebration, she was helped by some Christians present at the scene. She suffered depression until the early 90s when she passed on.

My mother was marginalized in the 80s and pushed into the grave alive. Some Christians helped her out of the grave. Witch craft remains a huge problem in Africa today. More and more people are being accused and families separated. People are killed and children stone to death because the community the live in believe they are witches.

Read more in my book coming soon titled “My Humble beginnings. I was once a victim growing up in of an accused family, I went through hard times and witnessed the struggles of my poor mother. I believe something should be done to educate our people. Please join me on the journey.

Mother suffered Asthma attack in January 1994 and died leaving me very young and confusion took over my entire life. God sent his angels to look over me and I am here to tell this story to the World.

I celebrate my mother and I continue to fight against injustices in our communities. If you have lost someone close to your heart then join me on this journey to keep their names alive. I miss my mom so much but will continue to pray for her soul. Rest in peace, Mama.
Rosa Verla Foundation Association is created to help educated the young and older generation because education is the key. Education brings a change of mentality and brings mutual relationship within the community.