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A fight against poverty & improving the standards of education in the community Is a voluntary organisation of educationalists, IT professionals, medical practitioners of Cameroonian origin, living and/or working in the United Kingdom.

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We are humans

Rosa Verla C.I.C

We are humans
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Rosa Verla Fundation

Rosa Verla Foundation is committed to equality and diversity of opportunity to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils, teachers, parents, women, Health and local communities.

RV Women Empowerement Groups

Rosa Verla Women Empowerment group is centred around bringing women together in the community these women groups work
  1. Kikaikelaki waiyngolum
  2. Kikaikelaki Tsenla
  3. K4 central
  4. Kai Takui
  5. Kshiy Kiyan


Kumbo, also known as Kimbo, is the second-largest city in the North West Province of Cameroon. Rosa Verla has build two libraries:
  1. Kikaikelaki
  2. Kumbo Library

Mental Heath projects

Rosa Verla alsa fight again Mental Health essue, and educate people how to cope with the hillness.
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Rosa Verla C.I.C

The prevention and relief of poverty (or financial hardship) anywhere in the UK, Europe and Africa by providing grants, items and services to individuals in need and/or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all neccessary support designed.

Girls Sexual Awareness Projects

The Aim of the Organisation shall be to improve the quality of health, education and training in Cameroon.

One 2 One coaching & mentoring

Together we can improve thier lives. So let's do it

Because they need your help. Do not let them down.

Internationg student aids

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