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A fight against poverty and improving the standards of education in the community Is a voluntary organisation of educationalists, IT professionals, medical practitioners of Cameroonian origin, living and/or working in the United Kingdom.

The Aim of the Organisation shall be to improve the quality of health, education and training in Cameroon in order to fight extreme poverty essentially through cost-effective ICT solutions, New Libraries and encourage positive change of mentality- Fighting corruption

Rosa Verla Foundation Cameroon

Over 70 members of Rosa Verla Foundation Women Empowerment Association Kiyan Participated fully during the labour day celebration 2016 at Kumbo Cameroon /West Africa.

March 2016 has been a very exciting moment in the history of Rosa Verla Foundation Cameroon. Over 100 women from Kiyan registered to form Rosa Verla Women Empowerment Charitable group Kiyan. There is great hope for the future as these women are about to begin planting seeds that will bring positive change to the community. The CEO Vicky Ngamsha is working really hard to make this a dream come true.